Russian Roulette. A Musical Novel.

FREE DOWNLOAD.     A project 4 years in the making because Ignite only produced the perfect beat for the project once every few years. The story of the rise of a female assassin in the Russian Mafia. From political assassinations with ex KGB members, to betrayal and a grab for power, to losing her mind when she discovers who killed her brother as she exacts her revenge on live television. A study of the violent mind, told in the language of hip hop. Also includes 2 bonus story songs. All songs written, produced and performed by Ignite Mindz except track 5 produced by Adult Abuse. Also available here at DatPiff. <a href="

“><div align=”center”><br><a href=”; target=”_blank”>Download Mixtape</a> | <a href=”; target=”_blank”>Free Mixtapes</a> Provided by <a href=”; target=”_blank”></a></div>

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