Local Band Profile – Ignite & Imagery

By cnance | February 10, 2013
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By Staff


Ignite and Imagery + 3 does their hip hop/soul thing Winston Salem’s bars and clubs. The sound is an eclectic mix of live rock, prog-rock, hip-hop, and R&B.

Imagery “tha Ill MC” raps and does lead vocals. Ignite Mindz plays keys, raps, and sometimes the turntables. The rhythm section is Murph plays bass and and Ferdinello on drums. Incredibility plays guitar forming a tight trio to back up Ignite & Imagery’s lyrics providing a deeper, live music energy than one normally gets with live Hip-Hop.

ignite & imagery

Their sets include of mix of slow soulful songs and mosh pit inducing jams with high speed raps. The lyrics often come out front and often provide a counterpoint to the arrangements. Ignite & Imagery’s shows are a high energy party led from the stage with equal parts humor, lyrical dexterity, and thoughtfulness.

Everyone brings a little bit of their own influences to the mix, and the result is a very original sound underneath lyrics that remain accessible and never over power the music itself. Imagery told CCD,”Too many MCs sound good but are lacking in lyrical ability, or vice versa, but Ignite and Imagery believe that you can have both.” Fairly new to the Winston-Salem music scene, Ignite and Imagery plus 3 is on a mission to create great, original sounding music, have electrifying performances, and have a blast while doing it here in the bars and clubs of Camel City.

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Find more out about Ignite & Imagery including upcoming shows HERE.

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Published February 10th, 2013
Ignite and Imagery – Local Band Profile

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